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The New York State Senate, one of the very institutions that Levine challenged in his columns, adopted a memorial resolution honoring him after he died.

It features all the rhetorical flourishes and "whereases" that you'd expect of a legislative resolution.


While Levine would have shaken his head at this declaration in his name, it does eloquently convey some important sentiments about him.


And, oh, by the way, he would been mortified at the reference to his full name: Michael K. Levine. He had a real disdain for using middle initials and formal names.


Here are some excerpts from the resolution:


"Whereas, In 1983, Michael K. Levine became a columnist, combining hard-edged reporting with stories celebrating the spirit of everyday people; his column quickly became a favorite with readers, earning him state and national awards;


"Whereas, He reached out to the communities, touching hearts, changing worlds; his stories were published in "Readers's Digest" and in "Best Newspapers Stories of 1990" published by Poynter Institute; and


"Whereas, Michael K. Levine was once described by a reader as someone who had the three I's: Intelligence, Intensity and Integrity


"Whereas Michael K. Levine also co-authored two children's sports books on family values, published by Simon & Schuster; and


"Whereas Michael K. Levine was a member of Temple Beth El, The Monroe Temple of Liberal Judaism, Monroe; he distinguished himself in his profession and by his sincere dedication and substantial contribution to the welfare of his community..."


"Resolved, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to mourn the death of Michael K. Levine, Executive Editor of the Times Herald-Record..."

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