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At a time when many of us are saturated with news of violence, hatred and despair, Mike Levine’s writings provide a voice that reminds us of our human yearnings for compassion and connection.


Three days a week for more than 20 years, Levine wrote stories that celebrated human triumphs against long odds, stood up for the little guy and connected readers in ways that transcended race, class and hometowns.

His old-fashioned muckraking revealed politicians wasting taxpayer money and jabbed a sharp stick at the hypocrisy of government officials.


He also poked fun at himself, describing his exploits at trying to eat better and exercise or the disgusting mess of a car that he drove. Other times, he could be serious, offering harrowing stories of love and loss, heroism and tragedy.

Readers of the Hudson Valley and Catskills of New York looked forward to his columns as he crafted words that made us think, details that made us feel and stories that made us care. 

“Words to Repair the World” is a collection of columns that can serve as a tonic against the tide of woes facing our world today. 

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